Bridget S.

Last spring I felt stuck and unsatisfied. I came across Kelsey’s instagram page and immediately felt draw to her and the Everme Coaching services she provided. Providing my information and setting up a sample session was exactly what I needed. From the very beginning, I felt comfortable sharing my heart, struggles, hopes, and dreams with Kelsey. She is a steady sounding board with an incredibly strong sense of intuition. Not only did I benefit from her coaching skills but, more than that, I experienced a sense of ease having someone like Kelsey in my corner during a confusing season of life. Coaching allotted me the time and space to fully examine and become an active participant in my life. In short, our coaching sessions resulted in a job change, financial stability, greater self-awareness, and far more work/life balance. Kelsey is living her purpose, and she inspires her clients to do the same. Working with Kelsey reinforced the importance of advocating for my own life. For me, the most important take away from working with Kelsey: If you don’t like something—change it.

Casey T. 

Kelsey is an amazing coach! Almost 2 years ago I started working with Kelsey as I was trying to navigate my last year of college and decide where life would take me next. Working with Kelsey allowed me to re-prioritized what was important in my life at that time and I ended my college career with no regrets. Kelsey not only helped me in what was currently going on in my life, but she also helped me work through what I wanted to do post graduation. She is by far the best listener I've ever met and she asks the best and most challenging questions that really made me stop and think. Rarely, can I not answer a question when asked, but Kelsey would stump me many times in our conversations. At first I found it frustrating but then I started to look forward to the questions because they led to such great revelations and new things. I appreciated my time with Kelsey because I tended to go 110mph in my life, never taking a moment to breath. Working with her not only forced me to carve out time each month to stop and reflect on all the things going on in my life, but she helped me think outside of the box and adventure to new areas I never thought possible. The last 2 years of working with Kelsey has taught me more about myself and how I want to spend my life. She has helped me navigate through college, my career, marriage, moving, post graduation and relationships. I am very grateful for my time working with Kelsey and I love sharing my experience working with a life coach, because it has been tremendously eye opening and helpful in crafting the life I currently live. 

Hannah E.

Kelsey is an extremely talented listener, mentor, coach and friend. She has a knack for digging deep, asking the tough questions and guiding you to make positive changes in your life. She helped me during a time when I was complacent, but unhappy and with her support and advice I made several big decisions that improved my life. 

Working with a life coach is not something most people take the time to do, but it's so important to spend time developing yourself and that's what Kelsey helps you do. Through her various techniques, activities and strategies you'll be able to look at your life from a whole new perspective. If you are ready to make a change in your career, relationship or life, in general, I strongly recommend working with Kelsey, you won't be disappointed! 

Chelsey L.

Kelsey is the best. As my life and everything else coach, she inspires me, encourages me and challenges me. Kelsey has helped me figure out my career path, my passions, my relationships, my negative self-talk and much more. If you're not sure if you're in the right career, in the right relationship or just want to better yourself, schedule a phone call with Kelsey right now! 

Tana L.

When I started working with Kelsey I was working a full-time, secure and well paid sales job. Most people looked at me like I was crazy when I talked about how much I disliked my job, or said that money had lost its meaning for me. I wanted a job that made me happy, and I had discovered that striving for money right away was deterring me from this.

I began working with Kelsey because I had hit a point in life where I felt like I was always doing the "right things" from a societal standpoint, but never what I truly wanted.  Working with Kelsey helped me discover what makes me happy, and helped me creatively design my own life. She truly listened to my fears, success stories and future goals without any judgment. She truly cared for me as a client and helped me overcome many internal obstacles.

Three months ago I was sitting in a desk, cold calling and wishing I could do something else. Within weeks of coaching with Kelsey, I registered my own Digital Marketing business and ventured down an entrepreneurial path. Today I am enrolled as a full time MBA student, serving part time, and my Digital Marketing business is still going strong. From a personal standpoint, coaching has helped me prioritize downtime. I structure my time to include work, school, fitness as well as journaling, drawing, and reading.

Kelsey helped me gain clarity around my personal and career goals. The consistent coaching calls were great because they helped me stop and reflect on my personal growth. I look back at the last three months of coaching with Kelsey as some of the most important and life changing months of my life. If anyone asked me three months ago if I thought I could be doing so many different things now, I'd have laughed and thought it was impossible because I needed my precious salary.

Whatever your goals are, and whatever aspect of your life you are struggling with, Kelsey can help. She is the listening ear, and a thought driving addition that every person would be lucky to have. Kelsey never tells you what to do, she helps you decide what you want to do by having free flowing conversations. My coaching sessions have come to an end for the summer, but I have no doubt that there will be more in the future as I continue to grow.

Sam B.

Kelsey is a phenomenal coach.  She is able to help you understand what you really want out of life and set up realistic and attainable goals to help you reach that.  She has the ability to guide you without pushing and allowing you to unlock the doors that are holding you back.

There were times after our sessions where I would be amazed at the progress made.  I learned so much about myself and how to apply that new found awareness to my life and goals.  She would lead you to a door or obstacle in your life and then give you the tools to overcome it.

Kelsey cares deeply about her clients and it is very evident in her sessions.  She will put in as much effort as you are willing to put in and will always go the extra mile for you.  You can tell that coaching is Kelsey’s passion and I was very fortunate to have her as my coach.

Starting life coaching with Kelsey was one of the most nerve-racking things I have ever decided to do, but I am forever grateful that I contacted her.  Not only was she there to help me with my career goals, she was there for me as a friend and confidant while I was going through one of the hardest times in my life.  Without Kelsey's support and guidance, I wouldn't have found the courage or strength to pursue what truly makes me happy in both my career and life.  With her help, I have found a new passion for life and new goals both in my career and life to keep me motivated.  I am forever thankful for Kelsey's patience and kindness.

Vickie E.

Kelsey’s passion for the work she does makes me want to pursue my passions.  She helped me understand and really ‘name’ what is important to me and how to take steps towards making those a priority in my life.  With regard to goal setting, she helped me work backwards and make short-term, achievable benchmarks along the way.  I value verbally processing, and below are two concrete examples of life-improvements I’ve made since working with Kelsey

  • Work.  I had just started a position, and quickly had an opportunity to move to a different job that I interviewed for months ago.  I was nervous about leaving my current position after just starting a month prior.  When I was describing my role, she helped me realize that I was not energized by the job and ought to care less about what others think and care more about pursuing an exciting opportunity.  Currently, I am wildly happy in my job as it unites my passions and skills, and Kelsey certainly helped me take the leap.
  • Dating.  I kept using the phrase “Mr. Right Now, not Mr. Right” when telling Kelsey about men in my life.  After sharing nightmarish dating stories with her, I realized I needed to be clear about what I want in a life partner.  Once I listed my ‘non-negotiables’ I quit wasting time with guys that have no long-term potential.  I am happy to report that I am in a healthy relationship with someone who aligns with my values.

I encourage you to consider with Kelsey - she is a great coach and role model.

Liz S.