Career Coaching

Love Your Job Coaching Package

The Love Your Job package is a 3-month, deeply reflective, intensive and guided coaching experience focused on:

  • identifying the root cause of what's making your current job so unbearable
  • dreaming up your dream job in a way that feels exciting and not overwhelming or unrealistic
  • getting an actionable plan in place to get you from the path you're currently on to the one you WANT to be on.

Resume Coaching

Have you ever tried to write your own resume? Writing about ourselves is not easy! By signing up for resume coaching, you will receive: 

  • an updated resume
  • coaching around who you *really* are and how to represent that through your resume
  • a master document to help build your resume to specific job descriptions
  • how to tailor your resume to job descriptions and beat the recruiting robots

Interview Coaching

How do you show up when interviewing? Do you feel awkward or confident? Interview Coaching is the perfect way to help land your next job. Here's how it works:

  • We schedule a 45 minute coaching session before the interview
  • You will answer interview questions in "brain dump" format and then we'll refine your answers
  • I will teach you interview tips and tricks to help ensure you impress the recruiter