How to Love Your Job

I will never forget crying in my car the spring of my senior year in college. I was trying to decide between two full-time job offers for after graduation. At the time, I thought I was crying because deciding what to do for your first job out of college is a big deal. The first step felt more like the last step I'd ever take! It felt like my entire future was wrapped up in this one decision. To this day, I wonder what would be different about where I am now if I had recognized that those tears weren't due to stress, but that they were a warning sign that neither option was the path for me.

Thinking back to that moment, it's no wonder that my jobs after college just didn't do it for me. Working in the real world was exciting at first - new clothes, new faces, new challenges and a chance to make a first impression almost every day. But, it wasn't long before the decisions I made lead me straight to a really unhappy place. Through a lot of stress, frustration and burnout, I realized that listening to your heart is how you begin to love your job.

Through my training as a coach, I learned this concept: your mess is your message. I squirmed when I first heard this. How can my MESS be a MESSAGE? There was no message in my mess except that I didn't follow my heart… and what kind of life coach doesn't follow their heart? It took some time and a couple of pep talks to remind myself that not following my heart was in the past and that I had been making extremely purposeful decisions to help me create a life and job that I love.

It wasn't easy to get to this point.  It's difficult to pursue what your heart calls you to do (see my last blog post about creatively designed lives and courage…). I spent the greater part of two years reading and journaling like crazy trying to pinpoint my dream job. I thought if I wrote long enough or read long enough that eventually my dream job would just hop right off the page and say "Hello, I'm your dream job!". Hint: it doesn't work like that.

Earlier this year, I spent time thinking about what I could do, as a coach, for the other high-potential, driven, millennial women like myself: women who are hating their jobs, trying to figure out what they really want ON THEIR OWN and who are feeling totally stuck and wondering if it is really possible to love your job. I searched for the answer to "what did my experience of journaling and banging my head against a wall for 2 years trying to figure out my dream job have to do with these women?". Would it even be possible to bottle up a deeply personal experience and transform it into one that can be utilized in a coach and client relationship? How could I help other women learn to love their job like I learned to love my job? Finally, the idea for the Love Your Job coaching package hit me.

The Love Your Job package is a 3-month, deeply reflective, intensive and guided coaching experience focused on:

  • identifying the root cause of what's making your current job so unbearable
  • dreaming up your dream job in a way that feels exciting and not overwhelming or unrealistic
  • getting an actionable plan in place to get you from the path you're currently on to the one you WANT to be on.

Love Your Job is for women who are sick of trying to figure this out on their own, sick of searching job boards and finding more jobs that are too similar to what their doing now, and sick of spending 40+ hours per week at a job they hate. Love Your Job is for women who are ready to put in work (there's a workbook and multiple activities you must complete before each coaching call) and get serious about loving their jobs. 

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