How to Complete a Mid-Year Personal Review

This process is similar to your annual personal review, but it should take less time and, obviously, the scope is different. There's only one rule for your mid-year personal review: if you aren't as far along this year as you'd hope to be, don't sweat it! We have 6 months yet to turn these ships around!

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Step 1: Get Grounded

Write out what happened each month for the last six months. Keep it brief and factual.  This helps to get our head into the mental space of the last 6 months. Spoiler Alert: You are about to be really proud of yourself.

Step 2: Hit the Scale

Rate the following categories on a scale of 1-10 (1 being this area of my life is up in flames to 10 being this area of my life is amazing): Faith, Family, Friends, Finances, Fun, Fitness and Future. If you're curious as to why I use those 7 categories, check out the book "What Really Works" by Tim Schmidt and Paul Batz.

Step 3: Get Intentional

From this review, pick three categories that you want to either a) increase the number or b) maintain the number. This will help set your focus for the rest of the year.  Assign one action item per priority item.

Then, take a few minutes to visualize what your life is going to be like on 12/31/2017. Consider the following questions:

  • What will you have to say about the last 6 months (meaning now until then)?
  • What will you be most proud of?