My Top Lessons Learned in 2017

When I sat down in January to think about what I wanted 2017 to be like, I ended up with four themes:

  • Faith: how can I grow in my faith and bring it to the forefront of my life?

  • Dane: how do we continue to grow as a couple, stay grounded with our wedding and transition in to our new roles as husband and wife?

  • General health: how can I take my health and fitness to the next level and what does that look like?

  • With others: how can I do what I’m doing but include other people (relating to all areas of my life, including Everme)


Looking back on 2017, I’m really proud of what I was able to accomplish around those four goals. There’s been so much growth and learning along the way and I wanted to share that with you! Without further adieu, here are my top lessons from 2017:

1. I am like a midwife for dreams.

Once I know you have a dream cooking up in you, I have to help you get it out. I can’t help myself. It’s uncontrollable and absolutely tied to my life purpose and passion. I’ve probably known this about myself before this year but it was so cool to watch this happen in real life with my clients this year. I brought my own dream in to this world so I can help other people do the same in their life. *Insert tears of joy and gratitude here*

2. The only part of a wedding that really matters are the people.

When I look back on the craziness of wedding planning and the huge occasion the actual wedding day was, all I can think about are the people. My purest and most happy memories of the whole process go back to the people. Gathering months before the wedding with family and friends to celebrate the engagement, the upcoming wedding, the farewell to my single life, countless “Wedding Wednesdays” with Dane...You can never go wrong with getting together with the people that love you the most. Then, the actual day of the wedding. Wow. Watching your best girls get glammed up, shaking back-to-back before your first look, feeling like you’re the only ones in the world up at the altar, dancing (crying, lol) with your dad, taking in the crowds of people who all in their special way came to say “hey, we love and support you guys”. Gosh. Tears are in my eyes all over again. None of this had to do with details, decorations, dresses, etc. It all had to do with the people.


3. Fail before it hurts, literally.

Y'all are like “not the running/tripping story again”. Too bad. That fall woke me up in a serious way. I had been running for over 5 years when I finally took that tumble. Why had it taken so long to fail? It’s because I wasn’t taking myself seriously. I wouldn’t even call myself a runner before I tripped. WHY do we not allow ourselves to dive fully into something that brings us joy?! That unfortunate (or fortunate) trip taught me that living life in a way so that I can fail quickly and fail often is a better way to live than tiptoeing around so that failure isn’t an option. Failure is actually the only option. If you’re not failing, you’re not learning and if you’re not learning, you’re probably dead and I don’t want to be dead, I want to be ALIVE.

4. Faith is like the ultimate research project.

If you would’ve told me at the start of 2017 that I would bring women together on multiple occasions to discuss faith, that I would coach clients on their faith or that I would become a daily prayer-bible reader-devotional-dooer, I probably would’ve laughed. At the start of the year I knew I needed to take my faith to the next level but I wasn’t sure what that meant. I knew it needed a front seat in my life but I was scared. There are still so many parts around my faith that hurt and still so many unanswered questions. Growing in my faith wasn’t scary at all! Actually, it was so much fun. I read so many books around faith (probably more faith books than self-help books?! WHAT THE WHAT?!), had so many discussions around what it means, got a tattoo as a permanent reminder of what faith means to me, finally realized that my faith is absolutely part of my business and that they aren’t two separate entities… I mean the list goes on and on. What I learned is that faith is not black and white (a previous limiting belief of mine) and that it is very grey. Faith is meant to be a journey of exploration, learning, questioning and believing.

5. Doing what you’re doing with others is hard.

When I first set this goal, my intention was to bring in more socialization in to my life and my business. I am exceptionally good at being introverted but even I was starting to get sick of myself. This was a challenge I set for myself. If you’re going for a run, can you ask someone to come along with you? If you’re working on a project for Everme, can you see if someone else wants to work at a coffee shop with you? While this stayed a focus for me all year, it eventually grew into something I wasn’t expecting. I learned that what I also needed was collaborative connection and the ability to ask for help. Collaborative connection is fun because it brings two (or more) dreams to reality at once. Asking for help still makes me feel like a failure sometimes. BUT in order to fail quickly and often, I knew I had to start leveraging other people to help get things done.

6. Nature is the cure for 99% of my problems.

The amount of times I hit Dane on the shoulder and yelled “snow peaks!” on our honeymoon is actually insane. Every time I saw those snowy mountain tops it felt like weight was just falling off of my shoulders. Sitting and watching the sun set on Bell Rock in Sedona with Piano Sonata 14 playing in the background was transformational. Watching the harvest moon come up over the Mississippi river with my husband by my side let me know that everything will be ok. Countless runs along the Mississippi river told me that you never have to be where you’ve been. Just be like the river and do what you do best - flow. We have one more nature adventure planned for 2017. We’ll be hitting Saguaro National Park next week. I’m not sure what kind of zen I can find from desert creatures yet but I’m certain it will help my soul feel full.

What are your lessons learned this year? What are you bringing with you in to 2018? What are you leaving behind?

Thanks for reading along with me this year. This will be the last blog post until the new year. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Love, Kelsey