Multi-level Marketing: An Interview with Allison Bauer

Have you ever wanted something of your own? Something that you work on when you want to work on it and there’s no one bossing you around? One way of satisfying that need for ownership is by joining a multi-level marketing company. I’ve always been super curious about people who get involved with multi-level marketing companies (MLM). I know there are pros and cons but it wasn’t until my friend Allison got involved that I really started to understand it. I asked Allison to weigh in on her experience joining a MLM company and what advice she has for others thinking about doing the same!

What is your name?

Allison Bauer

Where do you live?

Rochester, MN

What do you do?

I am an occupational therapist. I work in neuro rehabilitation, so I primarily work with patients who have experienced brain injuries or spinal cord injuries. As an OT, I help people regain function they may have lost secondary to traumatic or acquired injuries. I truly love what I do and am inspired by my patients daily.

What is your go-to life quote?

Ooh that’s a tough one. Although honestly, as cliche as it may be, I really believe everything happens for a reason. It may not be some great plan that is all pre-laid out for us, but I think we are meant to come to crossroads with decisions, people and experiences for some reason or another.

You are a side hustler. What happens when you're not at work?

Outside of work, I hang out with my dog - let’s be honest :) But I think what you’re referring to is my side gig of being a part of MLM businesses... which is a fun side gig. I typically spend a little bit of time each evening organizing things for my business. This could be anything to talking with my customers, working to recruit new business partners or customers, planning events, listening to conference calls or videos, or learning about new products or programs - you name it! I also manage all of my customer’s accounts for them - so this takes a decent amount of time and organizing too!

How did you know you wanted to do this?

I truly never wanted to be “that girl” selling something or pushing products on people. There’s definitely a preconceived notion on MLM businesses. Because of that, I do my best to be transparent with my current and potential customers or business partners. I really just want to share products and business models that I believe in and that have worked for me.

What if you have no sales or business experience?

I have no business experience, no sales background and no exposure to marketing principles. I saw an opportunity to make money selling products I love and use daily. It was all about financial freedom and residual income. I couldn’t kick that “what if?” question in the back of my mind. What if this monthly income paid for my products I would use anyways? What if it paid for my grocery bill each month? What if I could pay off my student loans on this income alone? What if I could pay my mortgage each month with this “extra” income?? I just had to jump onboard.

What has been your biggest learning so far?

I’ve learned to step out of my comfort zone. I still have to work at this on a weekly (if not daily) basis.  And I’ve learned that you can make MLM what YOU want to do with it. You're the boss... which is awesome.

What was your motivation for starting something outside of your 9-5?

As I kind of mentioned earlier, it was really the financial freedom and residual income. It now continues to be a personal goal each month and motivates me on its own. I also work closely with some AMAZING women who I get to talk with daily, and we push each other to meet our personal goals. I love it because everyone is so supportive, but the motivation is mostly intrinsic. Nobody is telling me how much I “have” to do each month, but everyone is supportive when I’ve got milestones I want to hit!

What advice do you have for other women who are thinking about joining a MLM organization?

Be a part of an organization and company that you believe in and that you trust - whether it’s the products or it’s the business model. Do you research. Not all MLM are created equally. Ask questions. Questions mean growth is happening .. both personally and professionally. And lastly, just go for it. You don’t have to be a sales person or have ANY business experience. If it motivates you, you can do amazing things with it.

What do you want people to know about being in a MLM organization?

Be open to it! Most people are joining MLM organizations are doing it because they love the products, love the company, are trying to make some extra cash for their families. We really just want to SHARE products or the business with you, because these opportunities can literally change people’s LIVES. And lastly, it’s okay if you’re not interested in what we are selling and we definitely won’t take it personal :)

Allison is right. If someone approaches you with something you’re not interested in, just say no and don’t make it weird. Just like you don’t make it weird when Target tries to sell you baby products, or car products, or other random stuff you don’t need/aren’t interested in. What do you think about MLM work? Is it something you would consider or absolutely avoid it? Let me know in the comments!