3 Ways to *Just Know* What To Do Next

Life can present us with some real curve balls. You think you know the path that you’re going down like the back of your hand and then something changes. How do you know what you should do next? Or what this means for your future? Finding that “knowing” can be really hard! Especially if we don’t have enough information to paint a whole picture.

This week’s blog post is about finding an inner sense of knowing for big decisions in your life.

As a coach, this is a typical scenario that plays out with my clients:

Me: “So, what do you want to do next?”

Client: *Squirms and cringes as though I just asked them to jump in a tub of tarantulas* 

Client: “ummm, I don’t know. I’m not sure what to do next. Do you have a magic 8 ball?”

A lot of times, I wish I did have that magic 8 ball for my clients. I’d be raking in the big bucks if I was the coach with all the answers. I even wish sometimes I had a magic 8 ball for my own life. I have made so many leaps of faith in my life and some have turned out OK and some I am still waiting to see how it will turn out.

Here’s three ways to find that sense of knowing when making a big decision:

1. LISTEN to your gut.

Notice I didn’t say follow your gut. I said listen to it. Shut your mind off and listen to what your gut is trying to tell you. You might think your gut is telling you to play it safe, but it could have a different lesson for you. Listen first and then follow.

2. Turn up the HEAT!

It’s like the classic coin flip situation. You flip a coin - heads says go with option A and tails says go with option B. The coin is in the air and you suddenly know what you want the answer to be.

3. Fast forward. 

In 5 years, how do you want to look back on this decision? How about in 50 years? Sometimes mentally hitting that fast forward button helps us to know what to do next.

The alternative to actually making decisions is NOT making decisions. Actively deciding to not decide is still a decision! It's like casting your vote to the “I really want my life to stay the same forever” candidate. I suggest practicing deciding, now, so that 50 years from now we can look back and think “Hell yeah! My life was awesome!”