Healthy Holiday Goal Setting

For the last few weeks I’ve been at the intersection of “just get me to 2018” and “I can’t wait for the holidays”. Part of me wants to get over to 2018 land because I’ve been doing a lot of planning and goal setting for the year and I’m really excited for what is to come! Part of me wants to soak up the holidays because I love Thanksgiving (it’s my favorite holiday) and there is just something magical about Christmas time. Anyone with me on this one?


I think part of why we want to fast forward through the holidays is because it can be such a crazy time. Your calendar is jammed packed with friendsgivings, shopping, wrapping and family nights. The already long to-do list goes on and on…

So, how can we get through this holiday season? With a little determination, and of course, a couple of goals…

Here are three healthy holiday goals to set this year:

1. Schedule 1 “golden hour” per week.

Your golden hour is time for you to take care of yourself in a way that is meaningful for you. The number one rule for your golden hour is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, gets to be scheduled over it. Use the time however you would like. For me, I usually like binge watching New Girl or painting. Take a look at your calendar RIGHT NOW. Seriously, I’ll wait here. Go get your planner and do this now!

2. Start your Monday mornings off on the right foot.

What is one thing you can do on Monday morning to make it more enjoyable?

  • Sleep in? Let your boss know you’ll be in later than usually for the next few Mondays because of *insert made up excuse here*.

  • Work out? Put one post it note per Monday morning for the rest of the year on your mirror. Use it as a mirror checklist of sorts.

  • Get a fancy coffee? Swing by your favorite coffee shop on your way to work. Instagram it, of course.

Make Monday (and your whole week) YOURS!

3. Plan a post-holiday personal retreat.

Schedule your Quarterly Personal Retreat for sometime in early January. That way, when you feel like your life is getting out of control during all the holiday madness, you know you have time set aside to get back on track. (p.s. Please set this goal even if you think you’ll be cool as a cucumber this holiday season because having your own Quarterly Personal Retreat is a game changer).

Happy Holiday-ing, friends!