An Interview with the Beauty Is Movement

Last week, I had the honor of sitting down to be interviewed by the Beauty Is movement, a platform for individuals to share their beauty journey (you can check out my interview by clicking here and searching for my smiling face in the images). I knew I wanted to connect with the Beauty Is since I came across their instagram profile. It’s like a combination of Humans of New York and Dove’s positive body image movement but with REAL HUMANS who could live down the street from me. I also knew I wanted to connect with Beauty Is because I LOVE a deep conversation around what really matters in the big scheme of things.

Read on to learn more about the Beauty Is movement.

Katie Nelson, founder of the Beauty Is movement

Katie Nelson, founder of the Beauty Is movement

What is your name?


Where do you live?

Lynlake area of Uptown - which makes for a dangerously close walk to Pizza Luce!

What do you do?

I work full time in Marketing at Children's Cancer Research Fund alongside some amazing people.

What is your go-to life quote?

Be kind to one another.

You recently started a movement. What is it?

I recently began the Beauty Is movement. It's a platform for individual's to share candidly about their journey of discovering just how beautiful they truly are - inside and out. Beauty is something we've all thought alot about, positively and negatively. The mission of this movement is to make every individual embrace their beauty - what makes them, them! It begins by real people, sharing their real story and inspiring others to feel powerful by presenting them the opportunity to relate to these individuals sharing their stories. We have to empower each other, because beauty is truly all around us.

How did you know you wanted to start the Beauty Is movement?

I had the idea to begin this movement (with the help of incredible friends and family) after watching a documentary about embracing your own beauty. So often I hear friends be quick to judge themselves so that no one else can. We are so critical of our own bodies and beauty - that perpetuates a lot of negative conversation, leading us to compare ourselves to one another. I wanted a platform that allowed people to relate to one another instead - lifting each other up and feeling good about ourselves just the way that we are.

It’s no small feat to start something new outside of your 9-5! What has been your biggest learning so far?

My biggest learning from this experience is that everyone's perception of beauty is completely different and that in itself is beautiful. If we had more candid conversations about that, we may all be a little more comfortable embracing ourselves and helping others to do the same. Also - how truly strong the people are who have shared their stories. It's a vulnerable place to be and I admire each of them for sharing. For me, it's so empowering to hear.

What was your motivation for starting something outside of your 9-5 job?

This project brings me joy and allows me to have conversations with others to let them know they're not alone. That joy and helping others is what motivates me to do this outside of my 9-5. You have to find things that make you happy and really go for them.

What advice do you have for other women who might be wanting to start something outside of their 9-5?

My advice to other women looking to branch out of their 9-5?: Say yes! Why not? If it's something you've been thinking about, it can be a great creative outlet for you to bring you true joy. Just try not to let it become a stressful thing. The second is feels like work just means you've added another thing to your busy schedule. When it doesn't feel like work is when you've created something that will bring you fulfillment. Also, don't be afraid to ask others to rally around you and support you through it! Enjoy the process and be happy knowing you've tried something new.

What do you want people to know about the Beauty Is movement before this interview is over?

Beauty Is is what it is because of the individuals who have shared their stories. I hope every person reading it finds something they can grasp on to and relate to - then have conversations about it, because they are not alone! Everyday we should be telling ourselves how worth it we are and how great we are - we deserve to hear that. I want people to find joy from this movement and the power to make a change.

If you have a beauty story, or are curious about exploring the topic of beauty with the AMAZING Katie, you can email her at or on Instagram at @beautyismovement.

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