So Long Sweet Summer

Does anyone else feel like summer went like this? Memorial Day weekend. Blink. Labor Day weekend.


Gosh, it’s not like I am old by any means but I used to think adults who said “time flies” were SO old. I thought, “you old people letting life pass you by!” and then BAM! I’m one of those “old people” who can’t seem to understand where this summer has gone.

This summer has been jam packed for me personally. It has been filled with fun, friends, love and work. We kicked off the summer in northern Minnesota with good friends and wrapped it up a few hours south in La Crosse, WI for a good friend's wedding. We’re settling back in today back at home and the two bookends of summer, and now this one final chapter hanging out at home seem to be symbolic for how this summer has gone!

You know, the end of summer still reminds me of one thing. That nervous, excited feeling we used to get for 16 year straight as we would prepare to go back to school. There was a very definitive start and close to the next chapter of our lives. One day you’d be celebrating the freedom of summer and the next day you’d be back to a structured, organized schedule. Just like that.

Now, for all of the readers post-school-age, I’m wondering when was the last time you had such a definitive change in your lifestyle? It’s really more of a blurring ending and beginning than anything else. Or, we just let the new beginning in to our lives without really formally saying goodbye to the ending. Nature’s four seasons are a good metaphor for this. Just a few months ago spring was sneaking into summer and before we knew it it was summertime again! And now, the warm air is sneaking out and making way for the cool, fall air and we “can’t believe summer is over”.

But, the weird thing is, who is to say summer is now officially over? Labor Day weekend is a good point-in-time to use, but the thing we get to choose when something is over and when something new gets to begin. But how often are we using that ability? External forces, usually with much more definition than nature, prompt us to start making choices. The weather gets colder and whether we like it or not our wardrobes must go from summer to fall. Your team at work experiences budget cuts and whether you like it or not you go from working a moderate amount of hours per week to an amount of hours you are not ready for.  You meant to get in shape for that reunion in a few weeks but summer was too busy and now it’s just a lost cause.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Life, outside of you, happens and because of that, something you wanted to do, doesn’t happen. If you really think about this, it infuriates you because you know if you really had wanted it to happen, it would’ve. But instead, you took the easy route and let life choose for you. Thinking back, you know that you could’ve budgeted all summer for the new fall clothes that you now want but can’t afford. Or you know you could’ve started job searching the second things started getting rocky at work. Or if you would’ve just made a little extra time for working out this summer, you’d be feeling great for that upcoming reunion.

If you think about this past Memorial Day, are you where you thought you’d be by Labor Day? If you are, please share this success in the comments below! Your dedication is inspirational to others! If you are not where you’d thought you’d be, what stopped you from getting further along? Where did you want to be? Where are you now? What is that one thing that if you could’ve just gotten around to it this summer you’d be ending the summer on a high, rather than with that little gut feel of regret?

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